Jonesville District Library

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Internet Policies

Why we need Internet policies

                        INTERNET POLICIES

1. No Instant messaging, no chat rooms, no games and no contests of any kind.

2. Anyone accessing sites termed "Harmful to Minors" Section 4 of 1978PA33. Banned by Michigan law such as obscene or child pornographic sites will be banned from using the library computer for 90 days.

3. No more than 2 people on the same computer at the same time.

4. No downloading of files or programs on the library computer without permission of the library staff.

5. Anyone under the age of 18 years old must have a Parent or A Legal Guardian present while using the internet.

6. Minors with parents will receive 60 minutes on the computer per day. No games are allowed!

7. We have a timeout program installed on our computers and you will receive one hour per day limit.

Library computers will be turned off 10 minutes before the library closes.

Library staff has the right to limit the time on the computers at any time

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