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Jonesville District Library

Our History

How our Library started in our Village

                    How We Became A Library

Twenty-One ladies from two reading clubs organized the Jonesville Library on Nov. 20, 1874 and called it the “Ladies Library Association”. There were about 50 books donated by the Ladies and $5.00 was raised from a concert.
Distribution of books began in 1875.
Until 1897 the library had had four locations when J.J. Deal gave the property where the library now stands.
The building was constructed in 1898 for $1,339.75 and opened on January 17, 1899.

During the early years, the board members served as librarians, they swept, dusted, built fires, cleaned and filled lamps, all without pay. In 1900, it was voted to pay the librarian’s $1.00 a day, if the budget permitted.
The dewey decimal system and the name of the Jonesville Library were adopted in 1919.
The Child Study Club started the children’s corner with books and low shelves in 1950.
The “Boosters of the Library” started in 1964 when Jonesville became a district library.
The Library now serves the Village of Jonesville, Fayette, Moscow and Scipio Townships.


                 1912 Jonesville District Library